Paper accepted for Publication


Our #paper entitled “Optical wireless communications for in-body and transdermal biomedical applications” was accepted for publication in #IEEE#Communications#Magazine (IF: 11.05). This #paper discusses the fundamental architectures for optical-wireless-systems for biomedical-applications. After summarizing the main applications and reporting their requirements, we describe the characteristics of the #transdermal and #in-body optical-channels (OCs) as well as the challenges that they impose in the design of #communication systems. Specifically, we provide three possible #architectures for transdermal communications, namely electro-optical (EO) monitoring, optoelectrical (OE), and all-optical (AO) for #neural#stimulation, which are currently under investigation, whereas for in-body communications, we provide a nano-scale AO (NAO) concept. For each architecture, we discuss the main operation principles, the technology enablers, and research directions for their development. Finally, we highlight the necessity of designing an #information#theoretic framework.#researchgate: Alexandros-Apostolos A. Boulogeorgos, Stelios Trevlakis, and Chatzidiamantis Nestor

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