Paper accepted for publication


Some good news! We have just been informed that our paper entitled “Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Optimal Placement in Millimeter-Wave Networks” has been accepted for publication in #IEEE #open #journal of #Communications #Society. Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) are expected to become a fundamental pillar of 6G wireless systems, due to their ability to manipulate the wireless environment and thus create favorable propagation conditions. Motivated by this, both research and industry have recently turned their eyes towards the design, analysis, and optimization of RIS-assisted wireless systems. In this direction, in this contribution, we first present a novel system model suitable for high-frequency communications, such as millimeter-wave, sub-THz, and THz ones, which takes into account the relationship between the transmission beam footprint at the RIS plane and the RIS size. Building upon this model, we extract novel closed-form expressions for the received power at the destination, which in turn are used to formulate and solve the interesting problem of optimizing the respective positions of the source, RIS, and destination nodes. Our results reveal that optimizing the RIS position is translated to significant signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) enhancement.

We will provide links to check our work, later today! So, stay tuned šŸ˜‰šŸ™‚šŸ™‚

Given this opportunity, I would like to thank my co-authors for the great collaboration and discussions šŸ™‚

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