Paper accepted for publication!


We have been just informed that our paper entitled “A Low Complexity Indoor Visible Light Positioning Method” has been accepted for publication to IEEE Access. This contribution reports a low-complexity visible light positioning (VLP) method suitable for indoor environments. The proposed architecture consists of multiple light emitting diodes (LEDs), as light sources, and a mobile user (MU) equipped with a photodiode (PD). In order to guarantee higher spectral efficiency in comparison with conventional square waveform based VLP systems, in the proposed approach, the LEDs emit sinusoidal waveforms at slightly different predetermined frequencies. The light intensity received at the PD from every LED is continuously estimated, after applying a short-time Fourier transformation, and then, the MU location is readily evaluated. Moreover, a Kalman filter is employed as a post-processing precision improving tool. The efficiency of the proposed VLP system is quantified through respective Monte Carlo simulations, which reveal that the suggested approach is quite robust with significant tolerance in high ambient light levels, computationally efficient, and also exhibits low positional error. Finally, in order to evaluate the performance improvements of the proposed method, we compare it against widely-used fingerprint approaches.

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