Paper accepted for presentation


We have just been informed that our paper entitled “Semi-Grant-Free Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for Tactile Internet of Things” has been accepted for presentation in IEEE PIMRC 2021. In this paper, we present a joint channel assignment and power allocation solution for semi-GF-NOMA systems, which provides access to both grant-based (GB) and grant-free (GF) devices, maximizes the network throughput, and is capable of ensuring each device’s throughput requirements. In particular, we provide the mathematical formulation of the aforementioned problem. After explaining that it is not convex, we propose a solution strategy based on the Lagrange multipliers and subgradient method. To evaluate the performance of our solution, we carry out system-level Monte Carlo simulations. The simulation results indicate that the proposed solution can optimize the total system throughput and achieve a high association rate, while taking into account the minimum throughput requirements of both GB and
GF devices. We believe that this contribution can find application in heterogeneous IoT systems, where reliability and data-rate and massive connectivity requirements coexist.

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