Best Oral Presentation Award


In this contribution, we presented a dynamic dual-hop relaying network topologies that enable access to end-users through intermediate individual and/or commercial, static as well as moving, infrastructure. Although, the idea of using relays in order to extend the cell coverage and/or improve the link performance has already been presented in long-term evolution (LTE) as well as LTE-advanced, for each service provider, it was required to use only its own equipment in order to guarantee high-levels of security and privacy. However, the ownership limitation may increase the network deployment cost and also create coverage holes. On the other hand, blockchain technology has been recognized as a key pillar of the higher (network, transfer, and application) layers of sixth-generation (6G) networks, since it can boost the network-to-application layer security and privacy capabilities. Motivated by this, we took a step back and examined whether blockchain can also be applied in lower layers, such as MAC. The result of this study is a new architecture that we named dual-hop blockchain radio access network (DH-BRAN). DH-BRAN enables individual and commercial intermediate nodes to become wireless access providers independently of their ownership. As a result, it creates a new ecosystem for the next-generation networks.

Great news!!! Yesterday, we received the Best Oral Presentation Award in the International Conference on Modern Circuits and Systems Technologies (MOCAST) for our contribution entitled “Dual-hop Blockchain Radio Access Networks for Advanced Coverage Expansion.”

In addition to the award and the contribution itself, another important point that needs to be highlighted is that the first author of this work is an undergraduate student of our department (Electrical & Computer Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia).

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the co-authors (Theofilos Sachinithis and Panagiotis Sarigiannidis) for their effort, as well as the conference organizers.

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