Paper accepted for publication!


Let me share with you some good news!!! We were just informed that our paper entitled “A Quantitative Look at Directional Terahertz Communication Systems for 6G: Fact Check” was accepted for publication in IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (Impact factor: 10.384). I would like to thank my co-authors ‪Josep Miquel Jornet‬ and Angeliki Alexiou for their great collaboration. The abstract of the paper is:Abstract: Sustaining a flexible and ubiquitously available high-data-rate network, capable of supporting a massive number of end-users, demands the exploitation of higher frequency bands, such as the terahertz (THz) band (0.1-10~THz). However, the utilization of THz wireless systems comes with a number of challenges, many of them associated with the very high propagation losses of THz signals, which require the utilization of high-gain directional antennas with strict beam alignment requirements, as well as the low signal penetration of (sub) millimetric waves, which leads to intermittent blockage and shadow areas. In this paper, a quantitative discussion of these phenomena and their implications in both backhaul and fronthaul applications of the THz spectrum is provided. Starting from state-of-the-art demonstrated THz technology parameters, the directivity requirements, the impact of beam misalignment, and the opportunities for multi-hop relaying in two different application scenarios are described. For the same conditions, the impact of blockage is quantified, and the benefits of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces are studied. Finally, the implications of blockage on the physical layer security of THz systems are presented.

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