Paper accepted for publication!


Great news! Our paper entitled “On the Joint Effect of Rain and Beam Misalignment in Terahertz Wireless Systems” has been accepted for publication in #IEEE Access. This contribution focuses on extracting the theoretical framework for the assessment and evaluation of the joint effect of rain, beam misalignment and hardware imperfections at long-range outdoor terahertz (THz) wireless systems. In this direction, we first report an appropriate system model for outdoor THz wireless systems that take into account the impact of different design parameters, including antenna gain and transceivers hardware imperfections, atmospheric conditions, such as rain, and parameters, like temperature, humidity and pressure, as well as stochastic beam misalignment that can be caused by thermal expansion, dynamic wind loads and/ot weak earthquakes. For this model, we extract novel closed-form expressions for the probability density and cumulative distribution functions of the THz wireless channel that captures the impact of geometric loss, beam misalignment and rain attenuation. We capitalized the aforementioned expressions by presenting closed-form formulas for the outage probability and achievable throughput of the system. Finally, we document an analytical policy that returns the optimal transmission spectral efficiency that maximizes the achievable throughput.

I would like to thank my co-authors for their support and contributions!

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