Performance Evaluation of THz Wireless Systems Under the Joint Impact of Misalignment Fading and Phase Noise



In this paper, we investigate the joint impact of misalignment fading and local oscillator (LO) phase noise (PHN) in multi-carrier terahertz (THz) wireless systems operating the range of 275 to 400 GHz. In more detail, after establishing a suitable system model that take into account the particularities of the THz channel, namely path-loss, atmospheric conditions, attenuation due to aerosols, the stochastic nature of antenna misalignment, due to natural phenomenon, as well as the transceivers characteristics, i.e., antenna gains and the level of LO imperfections, we present Monte-Carlo simulation results that quantify the joint impact of misalignment fading and PHN in terms of average signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio and outage probability.